Sex Bunker - Everything Is Awful (Cover Artwork)
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Sex Bunker

Everything Is Awful (2009)


Sex Bunker's Everything Is Awful is a nine-song demo full-length of sorts showcasing the band's Dead Kennedys-esque '80s hardcore. Hell, the band even cover "When Ya Get Drafted." And while the sound could be pleasingly familiar to some, it's unfortunately not done well or interesting enough to be worth scoping.

There's a weird restraint in the gravelly, slightly snotty yelling by Mez--it almost seems like he's holding back some, and if he were to let go a little more, it would make the anger inherent in the band's lyrical ground-zero simplicity come off all the more palpable. It doesn't help that the backup vocals have a terrible recording to them and hurt the possible dynamic that could have been created--check "Things Even You Will Understand, Regardless of What You're On."

The guitars have that nice, rough and fast momentum to them, naturally, but there really doesn't seem to be much versatility in whatever sort of musical aspect you could zone in on.

Further, sound clips are interspersed between just about every song and it totally dulls whatever flow this album could otherwise have.

Is everything awful? Probably not. Is this particular release awful? Not necessarily, but the metaphor's less exaggerated. More exciting songwriting tricks, better lyrics and a recording would do wonders for Sex Bunker and their otherwise reliable stable of heralded punk influences.

Peace of Mind
Things Even You Will Understand, Regardless of What You're On
Kiss the Mayor's Ass Goodbye
When Ya Get Drafted [Dead Kennedys]
Blah Blah Blah
Fred Hampton Will Have His Revenge on Chicago