Heavy Heavy Low Low - Hospital Bomber (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Heavy Heavy Low Low

Hospital Bomber (2010)

Twelve Gauge

If you're like me, you probably discredited Heavy Heavy Low Low long ago despite never hearing them due to their questionable name and association with the often unreliable Ferret Records. But whether or not their prior material is worth any attention is currently moot, as the spastic hardcore clusterfuck of Hospital Bomber is not only worthy, but demanding of said attention.

18-second opener "Je Suis Ame Solitaire" serves as a proper introduction for the unpredictable and brash four-song EP. Equal parts noisecore, hardcore, post-hardcore, metalcore and some type of jazzcore, Heavy Heavy Low Low ricochets an emotional pinball from violent outbursts to discordant, psychedelic moments of mellow.

"Customary Input" opens calmly before a near-instantaneous barrage of angular buzzsaw riffs and a rhythm that quickly moves from revolvers to machine guns to shotguns. The dizzying track cycles through at least eight movements in its 1:38 of length before launching into the heavy (heavy, low, low) fuzzbuster "Meat Hole." With an equally complex structure and intensity, the track feels like the EP's most straightforward bruiser despite its array of riffs and rhythms.

The final of the four, "We Incompetent Sperm" is the both the best track of the disc and the longest at 1:42. It has a bit of a Burn, Piano Island, Burn feel, but more than anything is just a complete spazzout that's as tight as it is vicious.

Whatever preconceptions need to be dismissed before listening to Hospital Bomber should be promptly disposed of for full enjoyment. Heavy Heavy Low Low should win over more than a few unbelievers with the ear-gouging post-hardcore of their new EP.