Crookedhook - All We Got (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


All We Got (2007)

Pink Skull

Crookedhook is back for the first time on All We Got, their debut full-length that showcases a band in development but still very capable of writing fun, catchy songs in a variety of styles.

Primarily within the boundaries of pop-punk, ska-punk, and skatepunk, Crookedhook doesn't really snag anything notable until the third track, "Relax and Unwind," which packs in several punchy pop-punk melodies in just 60 seconds. The ska-punk of "One for the Team" follows and is almost as catchy, while "Love Tunnel" recalls drunken debauchery with a grin: "You put the fun in funnel / The quickest way to get booze to my gut / I want through your love tunnel."

Crookedhook lays on the ska-punk rather thick on "So Sorry Sir" and "Freestyle Battle," which are good musically but lyrically a little flippant. "Fair Weather" and "Death of a Small Town" are far superior in that category, plus are a bit catchier and more enjoyable overall.

As a whole, All We Got is about what you'd expect from a debut full-length by a band of their caliber and propensity. It's competent and fun, and serves as a nice warm-up to their followup EP, Breathe Pollution.