Kids on Fire - Kids on Fire (Cover Artwork)
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Kids on Fire

Kids on Fire (2010)

Transistor 66

Kids on Fire (the Winnipeg one) develop a decently done style for their first, self-titled full-length. You get tinges of slightly bluesy, growling U.S. folk-punk in the American Steel sense, and, on occasion, the loose, gravelly procedure of fellow Canucks the Sainte Catherines.

While "Pure Passion for the Desperate Masses" definitely reeks of influence from the former band (and possibly a chuggier version of early Fake Probelms), "Celebration" follows with a harsher, barked sermon that lets up a bit for more melodic vocal contrast. But it's definitely Kids on Fire at their most jarringly aggression in comparison to the lazier snarling and heavy, steady plod that seems to occur on the album otherwise.

Those glimpses of intensity--like on "White Collars, Fluorescent Lights" too--help mix up the album well, since you get more punk 'n' roll-leaning cuts like "Shake the Walls" and "Grime & Grain."

The record definitely gets to be relatively white-noisy, not always offering the interesting hook or dynamic to make a noticeable-enough impact, but it stays a pretty decent listen throughout.

Kids on Fire doesn't feel completely enlivening or exhilarating but like the microphone on its back cover has suffered, it puts a good dent in things.