Late Nite Wars - It's Okay or Even Worse [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Late Nite Wars

It's Okay or Even Worse [7-inch] (2010)


Late Nite Wars prove to be one of the most reliable bands in their newer pop-punk class with their latest EP, It's Okay or Even Worse.

The three-song 7" follows quickly on the heels of Every Other Saturday, which was released in February. Opener "Death by Routine" speaks of congestion, either physically or mentally (or both), and it's chock full of the band's best traits: poppy hooks, an undeniable enthusiasm and indelible energy. There's even a newer, brief element of some subtly integrated keyboard. Unlike most bands using such a thing, it doesn't sound at all least, for the four seconds it's there.

"Pub Crew" follows with a fast introduction into pumping chords and a little more of that Connor Lovat-Fraser-esque vocal looseness that was more apparent on their debut, 2008's self-titled EP, while "Work Isn't Working"--lyrically and musically mindful of the Movielife's "Walking on Glass"--closes the 7" solidly.

While the band have yet to formulate a really mind-blowing take on the melodic hardcore-addled pop-punk genre, there's a couple more moments on this showing how close they are. And the songs themselves remain a rigid indication of how consistent the band are, setting up some reasonably high expectations for their first full-length due in the fall.

Death by Routine
Pub Crew