No Use For a Name - Hard Rock Bottom (Cover Artwork)

No Use For a Name

Hard Rock Bottom (2002)

Fat Wreck Chords

Finally, and where I least expected it to come from. From the onslaught of records being released this year by established bands and largely in the melodic punk field, there is alot coming out (Strung out, Whippersnapper, No use for a name, Face to face, Lagwagon just concerning the staple bands of fat records and melodic punk). That doesn't even take into account the records in the fall and outside melodic punk (get up kids, alkaline trio, ALL/DESCENDENTS, Jets to brazil, everyone is releasing something this year).

Through the haze of records, I was optimistic to be letdown by face to face, and strung out. But finally. Hard rock bottom is the first new record by the Fat roster to actually surpass the record that came out before it. It takes the good parts of More betterness and loses the fat. It should have been called more aptly "Most bestest". I was not expecting it to be any good, and was expecting to be let down.

It starts with a quick and brooding slow tune "Feels like Home", before it starts with the ROCK. "International you day" moves in with the high hat beat, and kicks into gear with the line "I'm sorry it took so long to write this song but I gave up" before the head starts bobbing and you realize NUFAN has not let you down, they have not missed your birthday for the 5th time because they're "working late" with that young secretary who doesnt know the duties of a full workload and 3 kids who want to know why their daddy has lipstick stains. No, NUFAN bought you a pony, killed it, cooked it, and fed it to your new pony they bought the next day because now you have a cannibal pony. YEAH!

"Let me down" which was on the last fat comp. sounds much much better. The production sounds reminiscent of "More betterness" but the drums sound beefier, and the vocals are PERFECT. The song "This is a rebel song" which I believe is a cover, has one of the Dance hall Crasher singers singing alone trading vocals with tony. A friend of mine who loves DHC couldn't recognize her voice by itself, and it sounds amazing.

If you doubt, give a listen to "Solitaire"and tell me they haven't put out the best album since Leche con carne. "Insecurity Alert" appeared to me to have been inspired by the 9/11 attacks. Slowly waltzing in with audio bits and a slowly stalking bass line into the hitting muted guitar verse. I have never heard the use of sirens sweeping into a song to such an effect toward the songs end, it'll push all the buttons and emotionally get the blood flowing both to the heart and the mind.

Happily suprised, Can't wait to get it on vinyl. Buy it, buy it, buy it. Best Fat wreck release this year, hands down. I dont care if FAT puts out Me first and the gimme gimmes, nothing will top this. Consistent, not one bad song, utterly listenable all thr way through. If you're a NUFAN fan, be ready. If you're not, you will be.