Strike Anywhere - Chorus Of One (Cover Artwork)

Strike Anywhere

Chorus Of One (2001)

Jade Tree

I know this has been out since the summer of 2000, but who cares? I saw them last night in Olean, NY and Eric(the drummer) handed me this CD for review. I must say, this fucking rocks. Strike Anywhere treads the line between hardcore and melodic punk effortlessly with this 7 song EP on Red Leader Records. They really blend old school and new school sounds without sounding cheesy or emo. Lots of shout along choruses. Smart political lyrics. This band has only been around for a year but they sound like well seasoned veterans. In that one year they have toured with Hot Water Music, signed to Jade Tree Records(album is slated for August) and have a 7" on the way with The Fat Club. Anyways, back to the review... highlight songs include, "Chorus Of One", "Question The Answer", "Earthbound", and "Cassandratic Equation". Do yourself a favor and check out Strike Anywhere here and pick up "Chorus Of One" now!