The Future Now - Hazy Orange Sunday (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Future Now

Hazy Orange Sunday (2010)

Sound Study

The Future Now have a grungy pop flavor to their sound that feels surprisingly accessible for their Gainesville scene, but it's run through with enough grumble and gravel that lends it endearing, punkier qualities.

With opener "Talker with an 'S'," the first lyrics seem to directly reference Lynyrd Skynyrd's "What's Your Name?", but the song itself more fairly recalls the Lemonheads covering Nirvana. That's essentially how the rest of the album is guided along, integrating the influences of poppier SST and rougher early Sub Pop into a toe-tapping, strong blend. "A Necessary Fiction" pushes along with restrained snarling and lightly smokey fog, as well as a driving riff that reminds me either of the Pixies or J Mascis' lead in "Feel the Pain." Your choice.

"Driving" as both title and song encapsulates what the band does well: straightforward songs with a few extra riffs to chew on. "Hey Fever" depends more on those "hey"s that propel the opening track, but it doesn't sound like the band is recycling themselves too blatantly.

I wonder if this stuff is called classic rock by now. Either way, very good debut.

Hazy Orange Sunday