A - Hi-Fi Serious (Cover Artwork)


Hi-Fi Serious (2002)


I first came in contact with this band some time ago when a friend introduced me to their disc called 'Vs. monkey kong', which nearly blew me off my feet. I mean: at first it was kind of heard getting used to Jason Perry's voice, which was still kinda edgy and of a high-pitched tone at the time. But after a few listening spans I got attuned to it and got to enjoy the energetic music underneath. An extended period of time went by and I must admit I lost track of the band altogether. You can imagine my surprise when i saw the video of ''Nothing" on a local TV-station a few weeks back. From then on, i have been awaiting this release with eager anticipation.

There's too little space here to write about the history of this band, so I'll try to be brief. for some reason, this band has never gotten through to the large public, although their discography is quite large already and features some excellent songs. Even their home-crowd in the UK seemed to ignore them except for a handfull of trustworthy followers, leaving the band with no other option to tour the USA for the largest part, and it is a thing that clearly reflects upon their music. I must admit that I wasn't all that impressed when i first heard this album, but it's one of those releases that you have to give the chance to grow on you.

With this release, it's all about the details, which make for one amazingly harmonious and melodic disc. I don't know if you can categorize this one in the ''Punkrock" genre, or even in the "pop-punk" genre, but really, who am I to tag bands as being of that or this style? It's just a fact that this album treats you to 12 potential singles that will haunt you for days while they ricochet somewhere in that brain of yours where all those sweet melodies are stored. A is a rock band that is not afraid of taking risks, while graciously maintaining their self-respect. It's a combination that is bound to pay off, and I won't be the one to deny them the opportunities that are unfolding before them.

Musically, Perry's voice has matured since those early days, leaving room for much more natural sounding vocals with a greater range. Highlights of the album are: "Nothing", the hit single everyone will undoubtedly recognize, "Something's Going On", which basically reminds me of the Foo fighters at times, ''Starbucks" which is bound to be another hit-single with its killer chorus, pounding guitar-riffs and excellent vocals.

Let it be noted that A is now on top of their usual mix of punk guitars, electronic samples and melodies, blended in with some serious US rock riffage and intensity to their sound that demands your attention from the get go, allthough there are a few ''weaker'' tracks on the album, it shouldn't hold you back from bying this one.