Storm the Bay - By All Means (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Storm the Bay

By All Means (2010)


Storm the Bay are mixing pop-punk and fake tough-guy hardcore parts in really uncomfortable ways. But I guess that would just go without saying.

When the Rochester act are doing their melodic thing, it couldn't sound more identical to New Found Glory. I mean, there are times when it's just a straight-up, AutoTuned, nasal Jordan Pundik clone over hardcore-inspired pop-punk riffs chugging beneath him. But unfortunately, I'm not talking about aping NFG in at least some sort of smart, socially conscious and gimmick-free capacity like Fireworks do--I'm talking some sort of Sticks & Stones B-side version that just becomes grating at points. So when the band shoehorn in belligerent growls and mosh parts, it's just more bad interrupting the already bad. It all sounds so forced.

You'd think there's some sort of more streamlined and heartfelt approach infecting "The Garage Sale Bomber" for a while (as well as more creative guitars), but its suddenly shitty harmonies and absolutely ridiculous backing barks just kill whatever benefit of the doubt one might have given the band for a moment. Same kinda goes for "Ten Years to Hold Your Breath."

These tracks average close to four minutes apiece, too, and the often terrible ideas integrated really only deters this EP further. Storm the Bay has already replaced their vocalist since this EP's release, which could very well take them in an entirely different direction. By all means, I hope it does.

By All Means EP