The Slaughterhouse Chorus - Demo (Cover Artwork)
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The Slaughterhouse Chorus

Demo (2010)


The Slaughterhouse Chorus rose out of the ashes of hardcore-inspired ska-punk act Public Access. But if you're hoping for a continuation of that sound, you'll be sorely disappointed (and if you were...really? How much of that stuff does someone really want to hear?). Instead, the band's five-song demo is an able offering of cowpunk/folk-punk romps on the tip of early--early--Fake Problems and such.

While one guesses the band ain't about to forget where they came from--they dedicate opener "Guns and Cattle" to similarly defunct ska-punks the Fad--they're certainly plowing along an acoustic/electric plain of country influence and punk aggression. The band's vocalist gets on with an extra-gritty, gravelly growl with "Peas and Beans," while "You're No Good" is indeed a cover of the Jesse Fuller/Bob Dylan standard.

There's definitely a bit of potential present on this little release, and to boot, it carries over PA's DIY aesthetics proudly.

Demo EP

Demo EP