1000 Hertz - ...Are Burning Maps (Cover Artwork)
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1000 Hertz

...Are Burning Maps (2010)


Earlier this year, English (post-/)hardcore act 1000 Hertz decided to give away their sophomore full-length, ...Are Burning Maps, away as a free download. At worst, it's worth the 71 megs of space on your hard drive.

1000 Hertz remind me somewhat of a much less esoteric and way more streamlined version of the later JR Ewing stuff, with an occasional mix of alternately sung/screamed vocals that's actually well-done and not at all contrived. Or at other times, like a Gallows Light. Opener "Infected Lights" is a great example of the former comparison, but it does go on a little long--the whole thing tops out at 4:28, and trimming its fat probably would have made it a little more effective of an opener.

The rest of the album is slightly problematic, but only vaguely so. What makes ...Are Burning Maps merely decent is that it's a moderately enjoyable release with a perfectly produced and carefully aggressive sound, but is largely forgettable even with repeat refrains and melodies. It's not without its moments, however, from the more jagged guitar tones and resulting tension of "Our Heart Is All We've Got" to the darker, more punk-ish delivery at times in "Bury Tomorrow What We Live for Today" and the downright catchy "Don't Be So Broken Hearted."

It often feels like 1000 Hertz could have pushed themselves into more dynamic and creative directions and less simple repetition of their parts to flesh out the songs, but ...Are Burning Maps is hardly a bad effort (and worth its price, for sure). If they stick around longer, it still seems like they'll know where to go.

...Are Burning Maps

Infected Lights
Loss of a Soul
We Want the Truth