Camber - Wake Up And Be Happy (Cover Artwork)
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Wake Up And Be Happy (2002)

Deep Elm

Aww Camber, look at you! You're so big now! I haven't seen you since 1996, you were so tiny then. How old are you now, 6? Aren't you a big boy, yes you are! I remember babysitting you, all you would ever do is sing Sunny Day Real Estate songs. Even though you couldn't form words, it still sounded good. Heaven knows we had no idea what Jeremy Enigk was saying, either! I remember your parents recording you all the time - they labeled it "Beautiful Charade." It was a strange name, but they figured that's what the next Sunny Day album would've been called.

So you're in first grade now? I thought so. I remember you back at your kindergarten class' recital. Sunny Day Real Estate had already gotten back together, but you seemed to grow out of them anyways. At least I can't remember you wearing your Sub Pop PJs anymore, I think we sold them at a garage sale... Anyways, you were a few years older then, and you weren't focused on Sunny Day so much - you were evolving right before our very eyes! You had been paying attention to melody a lot more; I remember you wanting to watch VH1 more than Sesame Street, you really took a liking to the Foo Fighters and other grungy melodic pop like that. When you sang at your kindergarten recital, it was heaven! Your parents were so proud of you that day, they recorded you again and they called it "Anyway I've Been There." I don't listen to it very much now, but when I first got it - honey, I listened to it nonstop.

So look at you now! I haven't seen you in about 3 years - the only thing I heard was that split 7" you put out with your friend Kid Brother Collective - didn't he move to Hoboken or something? Oh well. I have to say honey, I can't see a trace of Sunny Day Real Estate in you anymore. You are so grown up, yes you are! Your guitar riffs are chunkier and thicker like in "Expat," your voice sounds much more emotional like in "Devil You Know" and "Lenny," and overall you just rock so much harder than before like in "Plissken" and "Make Yourself Comfortable." It's so good, especially "Plissken." You're so much more *rock* than you ever were before, honey!

Oh Camber, what are we going to do with you? Are you ever going to stop growing up? Do I have to put a brick on your head? Oh, your mom's calling, it's time for dinner - you run along, sweetie. And come visit your Auntie when you're on the road, won't you? I never get to see you anymore. And don't forget to brush your teeth after dinner!

Devil You Know [clip]
Darling Daughter [clip]
Expat [clip]