Division Of Laura Lee - Black City (Cover Artwork)
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Division Of Laura Lee

Black City (2002)

Burning Heart

Coming from the over the pond, a current hot spot for innovative indie rock, we have Division Of Laura Lee. This is the first I have heard from this band and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed.

Where should I start? This band has a dark, intelligent, innovative sound similar to that of T(I)NC or Fugazi, but very much their own style. You can call it experimental, but this is defintiely a relevant and groundbreaking sound that is here to stay. The first single on the album, "Need To Get Some", is almost waltzy and carries classic rock 'n roll hooks, along with the singer's intense vocals. It all adds up to a sonically mesmerizing experiance, a breath a fresh air from today's 3 million emo clones a day and mainstream influenced pop punk. Kind of reminds me a little of the Rolling Stones and a bit of the Stooges. It can blast from being relatively soft to a sonic explosion of talent and energy. The band has a very dark side as well, as demonstrated in my personal favorite, the title track "Black City", which basically aprehends the idiocy and irony of our present day society- such as work, etc. etc. Another excellent track is "We've Been Planning This For Years", the most aggressive track on the album- very fast and driving.

Overall, this is an excellent album and one of this years best. I see big things happening for these guys. I think that they could expand even more on their sound with their next record. Us here in the states won't have the pleasure to "own" this album until late this summer, but I suggest you download some songs and see for yourself. The sound may not be for everyone, but surely is masterful.