Rancid - Life Won't Wait (Cover Artwork)


Life Won't Wait (1998)



This album is a tribute to humanity. The songs all touch base with a truth that no album (Rancid or otherwise) has thus far been able to capture. The wide variety of tunes and themes impresses me. Plus all the guests are cool (people from Dickie Barrett to Markey Ramone, to the Stubborn Allstars, plus tons more).

I was a little taken back by the experimentalism at first, but like all good punk rock records, it takes time to truly hear what the band is trying to show people. Life Won't Wait is now near the top of my list for favorite records.

One complaint, however is the curious lack of Matt Freeman's token gurgle, you don't hear him once on the record, which results in an overuse of Lars' hillbilly caterwalling (don't get me wrong, Lars' songwriting is brilliant and he is a good singer, it's just that songs like Lady Liberty show me that too much of a good thing can be bad).

The drum work in this album pulses with great energy and always seems to tap into the proper emotional context of each of the varied songs. Brett shows that he is actually a great drummer who can adjust to any style of music.

Tim, undoubtedly, is the star of the record. While Lars takes the lead in half the songs on the album. Tims' vocals make you want to go into a frenzy and remain calm at the same time. I'd swear (if I didn't know better) to this day that he was drunk for the duration of the recording sessions. Just listen to warsaw and corazon de oro.

Overall, a highly recommended record with a lenthy replay value. Although it should have been called Rancid and friends. Where did they get that Rastafarian guy?