The Dead Girls - Out of Earshot [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Dead Girls

Out of Earshot [12-inch] (2010)

Racket Heart

The Dead Girls cull members from defunct Midwest bands Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar, though these four guys are churning out power-pop-rock with tinges of '90s alternative and the occasional alt-country tilt. It's sort of mellowly husky, yet brightly melodic at times.

Out of Earshot plows through 12 pretty modest-sounding tracks. Modest to a fault, almost. There are some nice licks for opener "Later," though "Te Quiero" feels a little disjointed as a followup. "Hair Trigger" picks up the slack a bit with more lively melodies and vocals.

More lulls follow, though the band's subtle and understated approach seems to work well in "Pulling Teeth" and the prettier acoustic flourishes, twang and breathy vocal harmonies of "She Can Turn It Off." You can hear the influences of the Lemonheads or the Replacements, but nothing here ever seems to really rock or sway in some truly compelling way.

Out of Earshot could be noticeably punchier in some way, but it's hardly awful. It just needs some more pizazz, maybe, as its often seems to go by without enough color.

Te Quiero
Hair Trigger
You Ignited
Last Words