The Gloria Record - Start Here (Cover Artwork)

The Gloria Record

Start Here (2002)

Arena Rock

Kyle McQN

I did not enjoy this CD. I am not denying the musical talents of the members of The Gloria Record. I am also not going to deny my distaste of this album. My review offers no praise for this album.

Before purchasing the album, I had never listened to The Gloria Record and what I was expecting was something completely different than what I got. I generally listen to punk/pop/emo bands such as: The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, NFG, Midtown, and other such bands. The only band I listen to who sound even edges on any resemblance to The Gloria Record's sound is The Promise Ring. And that is a stretch.

I was I could have given these amazing artists more credit for their efforts, but what the rest of this review offers is my pure initial emotional response to the record as I was listening to it.

This just isn't my bag. Nothing about it is. Their inspiration seems to come a lot from bands like The Cure and some of the older keyboard heavy U2 songs. The difference is that the songs on The Start are long and sunken in incessant instrumentals, which offer nothing as far as the songs are concerned. The lyrics are drowned into the background and don't offer anything to relate to. I must relate to the music to enjoy it. It has to start some reaction within me, other than annoyance.

Writing this review, I am on my second trip through the CD. I just put the headphones down because it was too damn irritating for me to concentrate on writing a review about it.

It reminds me of Better than Ezra…. but not good (in any context)…. just incessant and drowning…. so much empty music that has been enhanced and edited beyond recognition of anything GOOD… just irritable swaying back and forth and back again… and back… annoying.

The opening song, Start Here, displays everything I do not like about the album. Throughout most of the song it sounds like the same chord is being held on the organ, and it serves no musical value whatsoever. It acts more as a noose around my patience, pulling me into rage. Which would be good, if it was hardcore and it was trying to get me fired up, but it isn't.

This music isn't even rock. It's more of an ambient/techno/"lets drop some acid and stare at weird things on my wall" trance music. But it doesn't even do stoner music justice, and that is the closest genre it could claim any respect in.

If you are having an equally annoying, droll art exhibit and you wish to have some artsy music playing in the background to drown everyone into an incessant hum and bring out the serial killer within, then play The Gloria Record –Start here. It will accomplish exactly what I have detailed.