The Grizzley Ends - The Unfortunate Demise Of... (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Grizzley Ends

The Unfortunate Demise Of... (2009)

Squinty Joe

UK punks the Grizzley Ends regard themselves as "thrash-pop," which I suppose is really just a more clever way of saying they take the rough-shod pop-punk of later Hüsker Dü and early Jawbreaker and then strip it the fuck down, occasionally spinning it through faster measures à la Dillinger Four.

The "thrash" part doesn't really describe the band's tempo as much as it does their terseness. I mean, yeah, opener "She Smells of Sea Shells" reels foward quickly, but its follower, "Nostalgia Wimp," goes on a more restrained, chugging pace that the band explore a little more in "Old Rope." The album's second half definitely insures a fast finish, though.

The Unfortunate Demise Of... provides some moderately enjoyable, earnest pop-punk rock, and if it ever feels a little tired or old, that's okay--the whole thing's over in 13 minutes.

She Smells of Sea Shells
Keep It Together