Nobunny - First Blood (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


First Blood (2010)


For the uninitiated, Nobunny is something of a gimmick. He wears a bunny mask during performances (often with little else covering his body), and his bandmates often wear little poofy bunny tails when they perform. Yet behind what at first glance is a bubblegum rock novelty act is a pretty special talent manages to combine garage punk with classic artists like Chuck Berry into a poppy, garage-tinged sound that is undeniably some good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll.

That Nobunny manages keep his sense of humor on these songs certainly works in his favour. Whether it's repeating lines from Green Day's "Longview" in his own masturbation love letter called "(Do the) Fuck Yourself," or lamenting his inability to be interested in a relationship in "Ain't It a Shame," the album is certainly a lighthearted romp. Just like the old-school rock 'n' roll idols that Nobunny loves so much, the disc rarely deviates from its primary focus on women and relationships, but such topics fit the music extremely well.

Unlike many of his fellow garage-rockers, however, Nobunny manages to show a good deal of variety. Rather than just blaze through every song with heaps of distortion (though he does that on "Gone for Good"), the album has many great slower tracks as well, like "Pretty Please Me" and "Breathe." He also does Ramones worship better than most, as particularly evident on "Motorhead with Me."

Though it's a step up from his previous LP Love Visions, the album isn't without its faults. It loses steam towards the end, wearing out its welcome a little sooner than an album that clocks in under 25 minutes should. Nevertheless, First Blood is one of the most fun albums you'll hear this year, and another strong set of songs from one of the best live performers around.