Mayflower - Second Best Sunsets [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Second Best Sunsets [12-inch] (2010)

Kiss of Death / Mayflower

Mayflower borrow a few members from upstate NY hardcore act Another Breath, but reside firmly within the beardpunk category. The band's first LP, Second Best Sunsets is an able collection of rambunctious, sardonic punk rock songs to the tune of Dillinger Four.

Granted, Mayflower doesn't quite have the iota of versatility D4 keep their albums so fresh and interesting with, but Second Best Sunsets operates on a steady, simple plain that works well enough for what they do. The title of "Election Days" surely resembles one from a fellow Syracuse punk band, but the band do more than merely pluralize--they preach the importance of spending money wisely and knowing where a dollar will ultimately go. "Seasonal Affection Disorder Song," meanwhile, co-ops Off with Their Heads' sense of manic self-loathing.

By the time Side 1 closer "Houseshow is a Four-Letter-Word" rolls around, it's been pretty easy to nail down the band's M.O.: slightly sloppy, chugging punk with just a little variety in tempo and feel but plenty of camaraderie to go around the record's length and then some. Unless you have a serious, undying affinity for this style, it could feel a little stale. It's the little things that matter, though--a silly piano vaudeville clip precedes "The World Needs Ditch Daggers," and it pronounces the following fast tempo and loose, grainy vocals in a more persuasive way.

Second Best Sunsets is probably more like a fourth- or fifth-best, but by no means is Mayflower offering a worthless time. This is a rigid and endearing full-length effort that rehashes in a skillfully competent way.

Second Best Sunsets