Bridge and Tunnel - Indoor Voices [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Bridge and Tunnel

Indoor Voices [10-inch] (2010)

No Idea

Bridge and Tunnel's final release with departed bassist/vocalist Tia was this five-song EP released this past summer on both 10" (No Idea standard) and 12" (European tour) formats. While the release in question, Indoor Voices, doesn't have the same bite or level of catharsis that made East/West such a cult hit, there's some carefully progressive detours and steadily interesting techniques the band's applying this time around that make it a worthwhile holdover while the band pen their sophomore LP. You still get a hybrid of impressive, finger-tapped guitar work and pedals invading socially conscious, punky and melodic post-hardcore, but the band refuses to even adhere too strictly to that particular methodology.

"Predecessors" is a squiggly, musically upbeat opener. It's weird to hear the band play in something resembling a major key, but still, the song's a pointed critique of how society casts aside the potential value of its elder citizens, so it retains the lyrical substance B&T can always be counted on for. The stronger post-rock overlay that ushers in "Targeting Practices"--driven along with Pat Schramm's steady drumroll and Jeff Cunningham's gravelly though solemn vocal delivery--is nearly chilling, and probably the best moment of the EP; consequently, though, that means the song itself peaks a little too early too. You might say the same for "New Dialogue," which lead guitarist Rachel Rubino takes the vocal reigns on; the beat pulls you in quickly but the rest is missing something just a little bit. The dynamics during middle track "The Staples" feel a little muted, but the song's a surprisingly aggressive mode for the band and one you'd hope they experiment with more soon.

Maybe Bridge and Tunnel just set so high a standard on East/West that it would lay out rather unreasonable expectations for a followup. Still, Indoor Voices is an enjoyable and mostly compelling step for the band that finds them trying their footing on newer grounds, and hopefully laying a foundation to master something else entirely.

Indoor Voices EP