Weed Hounds - Beach Bummed [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Weed Hounds

Beach Bummed [7-inch] (2010)

Iron Pier

Weed Hounds' fourth release or so, following a demo cassette, a split 7" with Dude Japan and the Best Friends 7", is an excellent two-song single in the form of "Beach Bummed" and "Skating Away from the Cops."

Culling current and ex-members of various punk and hardcore acts local to Long Island, the band sidestep that here to concoct a shoegazey dream pop sound that fits somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and a smoggier Best Coast. The A-side title track offers sunny female vocals over-top a Ride-like wave of drifting guitars and a bridge with just the right pitch of distortion. The singing's more distant in "Skating Away from the Cops," but it's a wonderful noise pop number in the key of Sonic Youth or No Age, caustic and fitful enough with guitars wailing in the background by track's end while still navigating the thing with certain control.

Definitely a great single from a super promising young band. When they start garnering the inevitable indie buzz they'll be a rarer case that's worth it.

Beach Bummed 7"

Beach Bummed 7"