World/Inferno Friendship Society - Hallowmas 2010 [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

World/Inferno Friendship Society

Hallowmas 2010 [7-inch] (2010)

Chunksaah Records

The World/Inferno Friendship Society is the best live band I have ever seen. And this is a relatively common opinion among those who have had the pleasure. Their records are all seriously wonderful, but they had never quite made the perfect recording that does their live show justice.

This Halloween, World/Inferno hosted their annual Hallowmas. They promised that "The first couple hundred people at each show who bring large bags of confetti or large bags of candy will be very glad they did so." The band followed through, awarding a ticket later redeemable for a single-track 7". The track, "Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK?", is phenomenal. It has everything you could want in a song: A catchy chorus with a message ("You can't change the system from within / the system changes you"), plenty of good advice ("Learn to burn bridges / get good at it"; "Use your imagination / learn to keep secrets too"), rabble-rousing warnings ("Spite and rage will age you, girl / but sitting in your office is killing you"), lovely backing female vocals, swing time and more.

The band has undergone some major lineup changes since their last recording. Most notably, the band had employed Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) as the drummer for their previous tours. While I thought he did a great job, he was certainly controversial. This recording sees the return of original drummer Ben Kotch, and his performance really makes this recording what it is. He swings through the song in a manner reminiscent of fan-favorite "All the World Is a Stage (Dive)" and does a great job going from soft to hard-hitting as the song requires.

The song is classic Inferno: danceable and subversive.

This is without exaggeration the best recorded song I have heard in the last several years. The physical 7" might be hard to get your hands on at this point, but I highly recommend you track down the MP3 at least.