Vaccine - Human Hatred [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Human Hatred [7-inch] (2010)


Vaccine's family tree (Orchid, Think I Care, Failures, etc. etc. etc.) takes more time to read than it does to listen to their latest 10-song 7-inch, Human Hatred. The band plays a brand of unintelligible powerviolence that's easily a more-than-acceptable followup to their 2009 demo.

Their formula for writing a good hardcore song is simple: making one presumably uncalculated, sonic mess. The riffs are jagged and catchy yet unpredictable ("Cheap," "Soul Suckers") and the short jams ("Enlistment,"Rotting Away") between drummer Joe Shumsky and bass extraordinaire Will Killingsworth kill. Human Hatred's fuzzy recording also manages to create a great deal of obligatory, Void-esque amp feedback.

You can definitely spare four minutes out of your day to check this out. No excuses.