Caravela - Belvedere (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Belvedere (2010)


Caravela--certainly not to be confused with the Las Vegas hardcore/screamo act of nearly the same name--is the side project of Moving Mountains' Frank Graniero, and while it's a scaled-back and overall gentler affair than the band's bombastic compositions, the project's first EP, Belvedere, is a surprisingly enjoyable diversion all the same.

Belvedere essentially sounds like the more energetic and memorable Jeremy Enigk stuff--this is melodic and earnest yet thoughtful, emo-influenced indie rockers delivered with some string accompaniment and a boatload of careful modesty. The guitar tone's a little rough, but for basically a demo, these songs have impressive movement and grace.

Graniero imbues opener "On the Belvedere" with a solid introductory hook, while "The War" offers calming, breezy vocals and looser, scratchy moments paired with slightly upbeat, nimble guitar work that kinda brings American Football to mind. Those are probably the standouts, but the other three tracks here are hardly terrible.

This has been out for a few months now, but it's still worth checking out while Moving Mountains warms up the marketing and promotion for their Triple Crown debut. It's certainly a familiar but warm holdover.

Belvedere EP