Redneck Zombies/Five Quid Short - live in England (Cover Artwork)

Redneck Zombies / Five Quid Short

live in England (2002)

live show

Gavin McCaughey

Zero Point Six have a lot going for them tonight as their youth and enthusiasm gives them an immediate connection with the young crowd. Despite their age, Scott on guitar and Tom on bass, handle microphone duties and crowd interaction with ease, and their catchy brand of poppy punk instantly hooks the audience.

By the end of 45 minutes, including a stage invasion that almost went wrong and a second lightning version of The Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop the tight three piece leave a sweaty and happy audience. Superb.

With the current popularity of 'Ska Punk', thanks to the like of Reel Big Fish, Mad Caddies and [spunge], it's not surprising that there has been a sudden increase in ska bands appearing out of nowhere. With a market already saturated is Five Quid Short just another one of those bands? For a change no. Five Quid Short fly through a set of smiley ska with happy vibes, interspersed with some excellent punk melodies and abundant amounts of energy. You can hear their influences, but they still seem to put a fresh twist on it all, and they instantly whip the crowd up into a frenzy.

With two recent additions (Ian on bass and KayT on Trombone),it has meant the band aren't as tight as they have been in the past - although adding a trombone to the mix has certainly added depth to their sound. The crowd tonight however, don't notice any teething problems, and judging by the huge number of people skanking the band seem to have won over many new fans.

Which leaves the Red Neck Zombies to end tonight's proceedings, who were called in literally hours before the gig to replace Farse, who had pulled out the day before.

If beautifully constructed, moving and contemplative music is your thing, you will absolutely hate the Red Neck Zombies. However, if you like a big piece of messy punk cake (and you should) then they are definitely for you. With an assortment of classic punk covers, as well as their own penned tunes, the Zombies are loud, proud and shamelessly fun.

There's certainly no shortage of energy, and the entire set sees the band frantically running around the stage - as well as the floor. What the band may lack in musical originality they more than make up for in personality, and the bands abundant charisma means the crowd interaction is spot on.

A 'Wipeout' dance competition (for the grand prize of.. a bottle of Sprite) is pure entertainment, and after 45 minutes of beery in your face punk (as well as Zombie musical tributes to the likes of Guns n Roses, Slayer & Bon Jovi) the three piece end with a cover of Basket Case, with members of Zero Point Six and Five Quid Short joining them on stage to help with vocal duties.

A fitting end to an excellent night. Well worth checking out.

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