The Attack - Of Nostalgia and Rebellion (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Attack

Of Nostalgia and Rebellion (2010)


I can only assume that the title of the Attack's new album, Of Nostalgia and Rebellion, is in reference to missing Kid Dynamite and H2O in their prime. Nostalgia deals in turn-of-the-century melodic punk/hardcore. Yes, it's weird to think of that style being old, but whatever. The Attack does it better than most thanks to big hooks and rapid riffs.

The KD/H2O comparison breaks down like this: When the Attack plays fast, they get into that zen-like perfection that accompanies many a Dr. Dan Yemin composition. When they slow it down, like on the mid-tempo-ish "Man Down," they give off more of an NYC hardcore vibe. Point is, they know the tri-state area pretty well, and they're from freaking Florida.

"The Great Escape" opens the disc, and it's almost startling in its assault. The production is a little sterile, but the Attack's chops come through–driving drums, roaring guitars and shouts dominate. "Matters" is even better, kicking out a catchy chorus up front and then staying strong for three minutes. There's not too much variation in the style, which might get old for some people, but generally it's a pretty fun punk assortment. And the record closes out with a cover of "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I don't care what you think of punk cred; CCR rules. The Attack does a solid job with the tune, too, upping the tempo to punk speed while maintaining the song's core qualities.

Whatever your definition of classic music is, be it CCR or KD, the Attack has it covered. Somebody book these guys with None More Black, stat.