Selby Tigers - The Curse Of The (Cover Artwork)

Selby Tigers

The Curse Of The (2002)


The Selby Tigers are back with their second full length CD "The Curse of.." and it rocks hard. From the moment I pushed play on this I was just floored to how much better this was than their first full length.

The songs have a much better sound to them and I think that comes from how they recorded the album. For the entire process they used an analog studio which gives the music a lower grade more in your face sound. It really works for this type of band, who play an indie garage type of punk, very similar to the White Stripes, the Hives, or the Strokes. The sound of the disc has more of a vinyl sound than most CDs out today.

The vocals are shared by the female/male combination of Arzu D2 and Nathan, I think its a really good pairing. The way they share their lines either by a verse chorus thing, or by trading each line helps bring a lot of the energy to this album. I really enjoyed each song on this album except for the last one "The Prom I Never Had" it is the joke track basically playing a stereotypical slow prom song. To me it just ruins the end of the album. I think it might have worked better as a hidden track, but as the legitimate last song it ruins the experience. I found myself stopping the album before the last song a lot of times.

The good songs on here are "Dolph Indicator" the rocking start to the album, "Down In Uppertown", and "The Littlest One," a very Strokes sounding song. I would pick up this album if you enjoy the resurgence of garage rock bands that are coming out. It rocks hard and is a CD that will stay in my CD player for a long time to come.