Southside Stranglers - Too Much TV [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Southside Stranglers

Too Much TV [7-inch] (2010)

Grave Mistake

Southside Stranglers borrow two members of Government Warning, and Grave Mistake Records picked up the release for the band's debut 7", Too Much TV, last year. Considering all that, you're likely thinking this is another take on '80s hardcore of some kind, but surprisingly, it's not really at all. This is more like snotty, speedy, '60s/'70s-influenced and proto-y garage punk.

There's plenty of reverb on Kenny's vocals to give it that older-sounding aesthetic, and though he still sounds like Davey Havok at points (whether or not GW hates the would guess so, anyway), there's enough separation here overall to prevent it from seeming anachronistic. The bustling, punky rock'n'roll flair pervades this entire six-track, 8:33 7", with rambling, punctual hooks on cocksure tracks like "I'm a Cannibal" and "Don't Love You" to the speedy, stuttering "Bad Seed".

Too Much TV feels a little one-sided, but it's a refreshing changeup from the label and carries a confident swagger for a side project of sorts.

Too Much TV
I'm a Cannibal