A Day to Remember - What Separates Me from You (Cover Artwork)

A Day to Remember

What Separates Me from You (2010)


Since their Victory Records debut record, For Those Who Have Heart, it seems A Day to Remember has just exploded. They've toured all of America, been to Europe, been on countless magazine covers, released all of their records twice, and they seem to be having the time of their lives. Now, granted I did write off 2009's Homesick as FTWHH: The Sequel with better production. One year after Homesick, they announce their fourth "heavier, yet more melodic" record, What Separates Me from You, being produced by New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert. I thought to myself, "Already?! Didn't they just release a record..."

The record has three "heavy" songs: "Sticks and Bricks", "2nd Sucks" and "You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic". They're boring, predictable songs with terrible lyrics.

Two songs on the record (I'm going to assume these are the "ballads" of the record), "All Signs Point to Lauderdale" and "Out of Time" both start off almost identically: quiet, palm-muted guitar and really soft vocals whining about the usual (hating some town and questioning one's self). Once again these ideas are stale and they've been done better countless times.

The rest of the songs tread the middle ground: They have both elements of The Pop and The Mosh, but while these songs aren't as bad as the other half of the record, they're not great.

To sum this record up simply: It sounds good; every chorus has a catchy hook; every breakdown sounds the same; and the lyrics are pretty terrible. The only good song on this record is "All I Want." The rest of the record is just filled with the same cheesy ideas they've been putting out for five years.

So this is their Victory Records trilogy, and like the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, it goes nowhere, but at least it looks good and makes money, and you can rest assured they'll ride this one out until it's beyond buried.