Pacer - No. 1 [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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No. 1 [10-inch] (2010)


[trans-puh-zish-uh n]
6. Mathematics . a permutation of a set of elements that interchanges two elements and leaves the remaining elements in their original positions.

I guess for a means of drawing parallels, you have to trace the UK's Pacer to their former band, the Steal, a melodic hardcore act in the same vein as Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, whom they actually toured with. Following the breakup of the Steal, members Mark and Dave went on to birth a slightly less hardcore, more pop-punk-influenced band called Pacer: a transposition not unlike the origin of None More Black, with nuances ignored for comparison's sake.

Much more straightforward than None More Black in stylistic tendencies, Pacer actually aligns closer with gruff punkers like Banner Pilot or the Menzingers. Classic chord progressions and poppy but occasionally harsh melodies comprise the seven tracks that make up their No. 1 EP. This is especially noticeable on closer "The Long Drop", a mid-tempo rocker with a warm guitar lead that rounds out the release on a positive note.

Working backwards, "Lonely Critics" has a bit more of a hardcore feel, with not much of a melody to speak of, as well as the record's most breakneck pace. "Rediscovering the Telephone" has a major Bomb the Music Industry! feel (minus any ska or auxiliary shenanigans) that's readily apparent from the first five seconds of the track.

The best of the bunch is probably "xGU16x", with a strong chorus something along the lines of "We've got a lot to do / But we won't give up on you." The sluggish "Pasternak" is probably the weakest, with a slightly over-the-top chorus, though it's still not a particularly bad track.

Though the seven tracks only clock in at 15-and-a-half minutes, Pacer's No. 1 shows a lot of potential from a band of musicians already well-established in the UK music scene. With New Jersey punk mainstay Chunksaah Records picking up the release, this thing may just go worldwide.