Agent Orange - Greatest & Latest: This, That- (Cover Artwork)

Agent Orange

Greatest & Latest: This, That- (2000)


Wow, what the hell happened to Agent Orange in the last 20 years. They have gone from being a very unique band that brought in a lot of creepy surf sounds to sounding like a pop punk band trying to cover their former selves. When I got home from school this year I started talking to my brother about music and asked what he had bought and what he was into and he showed me this. I was ecstatic being "Living In Darkness" is one of my all time favorite albums. I put it in and just wanted to cry.

The new songs just sound like all the other pop punk hey we want to be Bad Religion/NOFX/Blink and come up with are own song. They also decided to re-record some of their older classics and they were even worse. It sounds like some band playing Agent Orange covers, and not very well either. The songs that they redid were "Breakdown", "Everything Turns Gray", "El Dorado', "Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad", and "Bloodstains".

Really this is bad and ruins the legacy of the band. If you have gotten this, please do yourself a favor and get "Living In Darkness" you will thank me. As for this, Agent Orange needs to either get back to the dark, depressing music that made me fall in love with them, or just quit while they're ahead.