Dismemberment Plan - live in Arlington (Cover Artwork)
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Dismemberment Plan

live in Arlington (2011)

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At one point during the unannounced performance, frontman Travis Morrison called guitarist Jason Caddell an "H.O.G."–an acronym for "Handsome Older Gentleman"; he even had the crowd at the 58-capacity Galaxy Hut in Northern Virginia tell Caddell that in unison.

It's been eight years since the Dismemberment Plan bid us all ado with their farewell tour in 2003 (not counting the charity shows in 2007). Next week they embark on a small stint of shows in D.C., Boston, Philly, New York, Chicago, Seattle and Japan in celebration of the re-issue of the iconic 1999 release, Emergency & I, this time on vinyl via Barsuk Records. (Take note, vinyl fiends–this previously wasn't released on vinyl.)

Despite Morrison's guitar strap breaking consistently throughout the opening song "The Face of the Earth", they sounded fantastic. They were loud, energetic and simply delightful. Morrison did his signature dance moves and balanced his somewhat cocky yet endearing demeanor. Eric Axelson's bass was hard to hear at some points throughout the evening, but still provided that undeniable groove they are known for. And when he jumped on keyboard for jams like "The City", everything was spot on. And goddamn, Joe Easley is (still!) an amazing drummer. He hits so hard and fast. He sounds just like the recordings, but in a good way. And Caddell seemed right at home in front of the crowd. The entire performance was seemingly effortless and just straight-up fun with smiles all around and chuckles each time Morrison's guitar strap broke again throughout their set.

There was no opening act or merch for sale. Just the band set-up right next to the front door of the Galaxy Hut, where many D.C.-area bands played their first couple shows. It was just the Dismemberment Plan playing 21 of their best, with three of the quartet's proper releases being appropriately showcased.

In typical Dismemberment Plan fashion, Morrison gave a special little treat in the last song of the night, "OK Jokes Over", with Morrison interlacing some Robyn lyrics from her jam "Fembot".

It was a delightful evening. If you weren't able to score tickets for the upcoming shows, be sure to DVR their appearance on Jimmy Fallon Thursday, January 20.

Snagged set list:

  1. The Face of the Earth
  2. Back and Forth
  3. Ellen and Ben
  4. What Do You Want Me to Say?
  5. Do the Standing Still
  6. Rusty
  7. The Other Side
  8. The Ice of Boston
  9. I Love a Magician
  10. If I Don't
  11. The City
  12. That's When the Party Started
  13. A Life of Possibilities
  14. Girl O'Clock
  15. Come Home
  16. Time Bomb
  17. Spider in the Snow
  18. The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
  19. You Are Invited
  20. Gyroscope
  21. OK Jokes Over