Various - Hang the VJ DVD (Cover Artwork)
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Hang the VJ 📀 (2002)

Burning Heart

Punk on DVD is kind of strange. I suppose because while one half of me loves the idea of it. The shiny metal disc with so much more sound, video and quality then my clunky, easily destructable video tapes. But there are problems with DVDs too. For one, there is a strangehold on the format, such that the previously blurred international boundries of music become readily apparent.

Well, the good news is this. For all of you concerned with the politics of DVD, this disc is region-free, and is playable everywhere. I'm sure this was for technical reasons, but I like to believe that it was for the spirit of punk. After all, if there were region codes on CDs and vinyl, I probably never would have heard the many, many amazing bands on this disc.

The best way to describe the disc is as a retrospective of every video from every band on Burning Heart. In fact, it's 190 minutes of great bands, of all varieties. I mean, considering the price, it'd probably be worth buying if you're a fan of just one of them (for example, all the Refused videos are on here, in one place) which would have been enough for me, but throw in the International Noise Conspiracy, Samiam, The Hives, Millencolin, No Fun at All and well, it's a pretty amazing disc. And so small and shiny too.

Now, I should mention that there aren't any "Special Features" in the traditional sense, this is pure video goodness, but considering how much stuff is actually on here, I don't think you'll miss the lack of commentaries, slide shows or bouncing white rabbits.

All in all, there are 61 videos, and 23 bands; and there are some good ones in here. Old favorites, new bands I'm just getting into, and all in great quality.