Lenin/McCarthy - ART (Cover Artwork)
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Lenin / McCarthy

ART (2010)

Bermuda Mohawk/Quote Unquote

It's always a good start when a band has a name that is amusing, and Lenin/McCarthy certainly manage that. Following up with amusing song titles is worrying, because without having heard the band, it could indicate that all they're about is the humour and a lot of bands actually struggle to actually achieve that.

So, it was extremely refreshing to discover both through listening to Lenin/McCarthy and reading through the lyrics to the release that they were not a joke band. However, I have to be honest: The lyrics left me confused, so I am not able to offer a great deal of insight into what the songs are actually about.

What I can say, though, is that they produce a (punk) rock sound that is big and loud–remarkably, from a three-piece–that is basically pounded out from start to finish. Mostly, the music is thick-sounding, although it appears that a love of metal forms part of what makes the band work so you get a few solos and soaring guitars, returning to a resonant quality that drives the songs forward. The vocals fit in perfectly, as they have a deep-sounding tone to them.

I'm guessing as to the influences on the members of the band, but I would say bands such as Black Flag, Descendents, Zeke, Supersuckers, Rocket from the Crypt and the Blue Meanies might all feature, as I hear bits and pieces of all of them as I listen to this relatively short 10-tracker.

There is nothing remarkable to this album other than it's a damn good listen. I doubt even songs like "Faster Wussycat", "Zed Leprin" and "Fort Awesome" will become championed as being classics, but they–and the other tracks–will provide people with about 20 minutes of pleasure if they give this even just the one listen.

All in all this is a good release, and one which is available for free, although a donation is suggested. To get ahold of this for a couple of £ or $ is money well-spent.

One final thing that might be of interest is that the band features the rhythm section of ska-punks Mustard Plug, but don't let that throw you off!!