Daylight - Dispirit [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Dispirit [7-inch] (2010)

Six Feet Under

Daylight is a Doylestown, Pa.-based band that plays a style of music that would fit solidly within most people's definition of Orgcore, even while sharing members of Pennsylvania hardcore bands CDC and Mother of Mercy. Taking many cues from the '90s, both in sound and presentation, Daylight plays gruff post-emo, but with a very heavy dose of depression.

Musically, Daylight comes from the Hot Water Music tree of music and, in the second track "Youth No More", sounds like a depressed Polar Bear Club. There are big chords, slightly slower-than-usual tempos, angular guitar leads and just enough melodic hook in the vocals to keep it going. Overall, the band shows a pretty masterful understanding of '90s emo and post-hardcore, knowing when to be big and when to lie back like in the clean-guitar bridge of the opener, "Selfish". And speaking of the '90s, that cover art looks straight off a mid-'90s buzz bin alterna-record.

The thing that probably sticks out most about this band is how unrelentingly depressing the lyrics are. Two of the three songs are about suicide. Opener "Selfish" proclaims, "The only reason I'm alive is that I can't stand to see my mother cry...the saddest thing is it's the only thing that I want. I wonder sometimes why I don't just give up and take my life. They have no idea I'm so close to my dying day." The second song, "Youth No More" continues this with "I've lived with this ever since I was a kid. My secret's kept and I just don't want to live." The last track, "Two of a Kind" lightens up slightly by pointing the depression and anger at someone else as well: "Oh, I fucking hate myself and I hate you too and I hope you're well aware."

Overall, I want to like this record as the music is solid, but I just can't hang with this much depression and suicide talk, so this won't get too many plays from me. Other bands like Off with Their Heads wallow in depression, but seem to have a sense of fun, purpose and, ultimately, hope to it all. Daylight is crushingly negative and without hope and for me, it's just a bit too much to take.