Skullians - Pure (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Pure (2011)


Nine tracks in around 17 minutes. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Well, not really if the music sucks, but then this is the Skullians so that's not really going to be something you encounter.

What you've got here is a band that seem to have a sheer enjoyment of playing punk rock music, not being overtly preachy but are out to have some fun (witness their promo video on YouTube and you will get that message square in the face).

All four members of the band are credited as being on vocals and I can certainly discern at least three different voices throughout the album which keeps the whole thing quite fresh. All three voices are different, too (one sounds exactly like Wilf from the Bullet Kings–quite a gruff but tuneful voice) so that mixes it up a bit, though personally I favour Candice's vocals over the others.

At times there is a sort of Rancid feel to some of the songs but without it sounding as it they are looking for a safe option on a search for superstardom. Other times there is a UK82 sound but not in the plodding way that some of that music is dated, as there is a good pace to the songs.

The last three tracks ("Amesbury Park", "Afterparty!" and "Last Call") on the album are probably the strongest, but it is "Last Call" that stands out above all others as it sounds like they're really having a ball and it sounds like their anthem, if they have one. This song even manages to remind me of the Abrasive Wheels at their peak, which is no bad thing.

Skullians–they look punk, they sound punk, they are punk. Of this there can be no doubt.