Horses / Prevenge - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Horses / Prevenge

Split [7-inch] (2009)


Horses and Prevenge teamed up for this split 7" sent in for review forever ago. Even a few years later, it's worth a mention.

Horses take up the A side with "Moses Coady"–it's a slightly gravelly and Americana punk-tinged number that resembles fellow Ontarians Orphan Choir, the close-by Unwelcome Guests from Buffalo, or maybe where the Sainte Catherines have been headed towards lately. There's familial lamenting and picturesque imagery that's rather striking; if the band could turn out a full-length full of these it'd be pretty good.

Prevenge take two for Side B, "Excellent Physican" and "It Won't Protect You". Their style feels a little looser and livelier, with vocals that are more raw, shouted and less comprehensible. The fast "Excellent Physician" is laden with "whoa-oh"s, while both tracks have a rambled vibe that mildly reminds me of Smoke or Fire's "Cops and Drugs". While I wouldn't necessarily compare the bands outright, they certainly seem to be pulling from similar influences. "Excellent Physician"'s okay–a little flat and bland for the style, maybe, while "It Won't Protect You" has some melodies that shine brighter and more interesting guitar work, as well as a little more Replacements mayhaps.

Horses - Moses Coady
Prevenge - Excellent Physician
Prevenge - It Won't Protect You