Captain, We're Sinking - It's a Trap! [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Captain, We're Sinking

It's a Trap! [7-inch] (2010)

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We're late enough on this one that Captain, We're Sinking! is already making strides to be Orgcore favorites by this time next year. The followup to their 2008 full-length, The Animals Are Out, It's a Trap! makes a fine bid for the crown, with buoyant, upbeat, carefully gravelly melodic punk that continues to cull notes from oft-compared brother band the Menzingers ("Swing Your Kami Sword" sounds a bit like "So It Goes") and As the Eternal Cowboy.

If you let this 7" become a soundtrack to busy work, the band's consistent chug feels a little background-y. But their overall aplomb and charge is undeniable, from the earnest, weepy declaration of the opening title track–which gets fuller and faster quickly–to the dual-vocal camaraderie of closer "Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge". Their vocals aren't as husky or whiskey-coated as their beardpunk contemporaries, and it gives them something ever so slightly more unique as a result.

It's a Trap! lays down a promising bridge between the band's earlier, more raw material and the growth one guesses they experienced for their recent split with Timeshares and even newer EP, With Joey Riley.

It's a Trap! EP

It's a Trap! EP