Byrds of Paradise - Omega Man [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Byrds of Paradise

Omega Man [7-inch] (2010)

Don Giovanni

Byrds of Paradise released their full-length debut, Teenage Symphonies, last month, but let's backtrack a bit. This precursor 7" single, Omega Man, features two exclusive songs that actually don't appear on the aforementioned LP. They're a pretty great introduction regardless.

The Mongoloids and Dustheads seem like an unlikely pairing, but current and ex-members of both hardcore acts team up in BoP. Don't expect crunchy brute or '80s speed, though–this is brash and snotty but melody-laden, slightly fuzzy punk that's way closer to Waaves than Wasted Youth. "Members" is a little faster and noisier, but keeps the same vibe as the title track "A" side. I wouldn't call it lo-fi because it's a little too produced, but it's got a nicely chalky, middle level about things.


Omega Man