The Computers - You Can't Hide from the Computers (Cover Artwork)

The Computers

You Can't Hide from the Computers (2008)

Fierce Panda

Way back in 2008, after little more than a two-song single and some low-profile touring, this UK rock and roll/hardcore four-piece dropped this, their second release, on Fierce Panda Records (apparently a pretty trendy indie label?).

Whilst trying to overcome my own bias for what I think is a brilliantly energetic and fun band, it's clear to anyone who's seen the Computers that this mini-album has made up the bulk of their live set for most of their existence until they started gearing up for a full-length later this year.

The band works well filling out this longer effort, throwing in a fair bit of diversity and traces of a structure. Opener "Teenage Tourettes Camp", quite possibly the best song these boys have written so far, includes a harmonica solo atop frantic Rocket from the Crypt-meets-Minor Threat riffs, and the rest of the CD alternates between thick, Bronx-style punk ("Love the Music, Hate the Kids"), old-style rock ‘n roll with screamy bits ("Hell Yeah", kind of), and the slower, sing-along highlight "S.O.S.".

The whole sound feels heavier and more manic than their previous single, with some pretty cool-sounding guitar solos taking the place of handclaps; the only moment which feels out of place is the final outro, "City Ghosts", which goes on a bit too long but is fortunately never played live. You Can't Hide from the Computers is a memorable and catchy release from a band who have put more than their fair share of effort into the UK underground, and after tours with the likes of Cancer Bats will hopefully translate into an impressive and well-received full-length debut.