Catch 22 - Alone In a Crowd (Cover Artwork)

Catch 22

Alone In a Crowd (2000)


I really can't say enough about Catch 22. This 7-piece ska-core outfit from New Jersey cannot be matched by many. Their infectious blend of fast, catchy ska and occasional delves into hardcore make for a great album that simply cannot be missed. While it does not quite match their unforgettable 1998 debut release, Keasbey Nights, it is a great album that definitely lived up to my expectations. After former C22 frontman Thomas Kanolky quit, I was worried about a change in style. They are still definitely the same Catch 22, this album will not disappoint.

This release takes Keasbey Nights, makes their ska ruder, and makes their hardcore harder. Every single instrument (and the vocals) are done at a blazing speed and precision paralleled by few, pumping every song full of energy and liveliness. The tracks run together a little, but if songs are going to sound the same they might as well sound like this. My only other disappointment with this album is that it starts to die out at the end. Still, I could not ask for a better album: This is definitely one worth checking out. Some favorites:

Sounds Good, but I Don't Know - Lame name but a great song, probably my favorite on the CD. It's fast, catchy, and fun...the epitome of C22.

It Takes Some Time - This is more of a swing-style rhythm that only proves Catch 22's savvy with playing different styles of music.

What Goes Around Comes Around - Their most popular song off Alone in a Crowd, this is really catchy and has nice transitions betwen ska and hardcore.

Bloomfield Ave. - Probably the fastest Catch 22 song ever. And I love those types. Excellent.

Wreck of the Sloop John B. - This is just funny. Worth mentioning simply for the coolness factor of covering a Beach Boys song.

Neverending Story - Classic ska-core, this was my favorite song off the album when I first heard it. Absolutely bitching horn melodies.

All in all, this is not quite at the amazing level of Keasbey Nights, but it is a fun album that you most certainly will not be disappointed with. Go check it out!