Natural Disasters - Natural Disasters (Cover Artwork)
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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters (2010)

Bermuda Mohawk

The second release from Natural Disasters is a self-titled six-song EP of able melodic hardcore, but unfortunately, that's about as far as it goes.

Natural Disasters' vocalist is like a cross between two certain Chrises (Hannah and Wollard), but not nearly as distinctive or forceful. The music is like Protagonist, but more sluggish and sloppier. Or maybe early Rise Against, who they're compared to a lot, but the songwriting and overall flavor is nowhere near as exciting or compelling.

That means the chugging build of "Castle Greyskull" has all the power of a wet blanket, and the "whoa-oh"-laden "By the Beard of Zeus" feels strained and, actually, kind of off key. Sometimes that can be an endearing factor, but the flatter singing here does not make it so. "Let It Rain" feels a little overlong, and closer "Johnny Law" has a reckless pace that tries to end things on a more concise, speedier note (some screamier shouts and charged gang vocals are a nice try), but it all just sounds so basic and complanate for the most part that it's really too little too late.

This EP could be a lot stronger in many ways. Natural Disasters have the playing down to a certain level; they just need better ideas and a convincing execution of them.

Castle Greyskull
Johnny Law