Desolation - Rest in Panic [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Rest in Panic [7-inch] (2010)


After about a five-year hiatus, Bay Area act Desolation–with members of Born/Dead, Strung Up, and Scurvy Dogs–return with a fierce, three-song followup to their 2005 self-titled LP. Rest in Panic slightly retools the band's brand of slightly fuzzy, crusty, totally enraged, D-beat-inspired hardcore.

The opening title track further expands the band's international reach of influence (everything from Euro crust to Japanese hardcore is already here) further via a thrash crossover solo that lightens the apocalyptic mood. This stuff's heavy, and a little demonic, so that part gives it some breathing room, while dynamic tempo changes and a little bit of smoggy black metal-isms in "Boxed In" make it a pretty excellent midpoint. Some sneering melody on the guitars in closer "No Steps Forward" give it its own identity as well, with that special-sounding Tragedy-style thump guiding it along and the band building to a breaking point.

Very, very solid comeback for Desolation here.

Rest in Panic EP