Injustice System - Spoken Word [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Injustice System

Spoken Word [7-inch] (2010)

No Reprieve

Looking at the cover of Injustice System's intensely short "full-length," Spoken Word, one gets the sense this might be somewhat inspired by Black Flag. I mean, not to play Hardcore Captain Obvious, but that cover is preeeeetty Family Man-esque, and the 7" title might very well be a reference to the later work by that band's frontman.

So, yeah, there's definitely an '80s hardcore bend to Spoken Word (which, as you may have guessed by this point, is not at all a spoken-word record), but it doesn't actually sound that much at all like the Flag. The band is self-described "fastcore," which seems more accurate despite more sluggish cross sections ("Spoken Word"). Plus, the 10 tracks on this 7" wrap up in less than eight minutes, including covers of early NYHC acts Antidote ("Life as One") and the Abused ("Blow Your Brains Out") that point to the band's intermittently moshier tendencies.

And you know what, they do it pretty well. There's a little bit of sloppiness and coarseness to their delivery, but for what they do it makes sense, and their vocalist has a hoarse, intelligible style that's oddly refreshing. The subtle, small dynamism of the songs, like on the longest track/opener "Rotting Republic" and flailing drum fills/groove parts of "In Solitude", go a long way too. Lyrics are typical ("Follow the blind like a fucking horde of sheep, / watch the masses flock to the haven they think is safe"), but you'll have that.

If you expect as much Black Flag worship as this the exterior of the 7" hints at, you'll be disappointed. If you just want some solid '80s hardcore that pulls from both NY and D.C., you'll be rewarded.

Spoken Word
In Solitude