Crow - Vertigo b/w Occupied Japan [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Vertigo b/w Occupied Japan [7-inch] (2010)


Crow has long operated as a semi-mysterious, austere unit, and perhaps that's why the Japanese hardcore veterans are legends only to a strictly limited handful. But there's no denying the band–through varied stages and forms–have produced a quality, crust/D-beat/thrash-laden sound for close to 30 years now. One of their latest releases, a tour 7" single issued last year in the U.S. via Prank, is about as solid as anything done by the newer crop of bands whose members were probably born when Crow formed.

Granted, this installment of Crow is just an ugly and fierce machine. There's even a minutia of crossover potential in the mechanically paced, driven opener "Vertigo", with ripping solos and a brutal, metallic ferocity despite vocals that would be completely comprehensible if this reviewer spoke a lick of Japanese. B-side "Occupied Japan" closes the single with faster, overlapping vocal tracks at times that feel a bit overdone and rushed, but melodic guitar tone changes grab attention in the "chorus" and the usual solos by the end wail well.