Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Warped Tour

MTV News spoke with Warped Tour head honcho Kevin Lyman at the event's recent 10th anniversary show in Foxboro, Massachusetts. According to the article in a summer touring season that has been marred by poor ticket sales and cancelled events (re: Lollapalooza), this was the most successful Warped Tour ever. The total attendance this year reached 650,000, up 20 percent from 2003.

At the show Lyman confirmed two bands for the 2005 edition of the tour: The Transplants and My Chemical Romance. About the Tim Armstrong sideproject Lyman commented "I think they'll be amazing. They were so good on the last record, but they never really got to tour behind it. So their whole plan this year is to put out a record, and then play it on the Warped Tour."

About the festival's longevity and success Lyman explained "The bottom line is we give value… We have a good brand that we don't mess with too much, and we don't overcharge the kids. There's no reason someone should be paying $100, $200, $300 to see a show…We need to drop the guarantees. We need to deliver merchandise at a cheaper price. Our merch is about half of what other tours are charging. We need to get kids to see live music and experience it in a good environment."