Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by A-F

Jeff from A-F Records wrote us with the following:

Friday the Pittsburgh area was hit by the remaining forces of Hurricane Ivan and suffered some of the worst flooding that our beloved home town has ever seen. We unfortunately didn't escape the hurricanes wrath, as A-F Records sat directly in front of a creek (a creek that has never flooded before) but we managed to move everything of dire importance up to higher ground, in some cases merch, gear and equiptment was moved up to an inch above the height the water got after had we abandonned ship for fear of the rising waters.

We are all very lucky as this is NOT the end of A-F Records. Nobody at A-F was hurt, we all need tetanus shots, but we are all okay. Unfortunately thousand of homes and businesses were destroyed in the wake of Ivans wrath and all we send our condolences to the families and businesses who lost everything in the Pittsburgh area. Thank you to everybody for your continued support. We will have our business back up and running in a few weeks time.