by Bomp!

There's been a few changes in The Black Lips lineup as of late. Guitarist Jack Hines has left the band, he's been replaced by a new member, Richie. Also, vocalist Cole Alexander is taking a temporary breather, with Jay Reatard (Lost Sounds, Reatards, Bad Times) taking his place in the meantime. Cole's recovering from "from "blown nodules" due to too much puking on stage" or something of the sorts. The band is just finishing up their tour with The Spits, playing the 17th in Miami @ Churchills and the 29th in New Orleans. They're supporting their latest record We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow [review].

The band has a live webcast online now at WFMU. While you're there you can check out recordings of Marky Ramone, The Spits, The's, The Jet Boys and more.