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February 2005 will mark the start of NOFX's 7" Of The Month Club, billed as a year-long vinyl documentary of their songwriting process. The band's description of the project is as follows "NOFX has decided to stop making crummy albums for a short while and will instead be making crummy 7"s. There will be 12 of these things and they'll be limited 7"s made up of new songs!"

The band is looking for artwork submissions from fans for all 12 singles. If you check out the 7 Inch Club website there's a downloadable template to use for the artwork. The club will run for a year from February `05 and a subscription will set you back $60 plus shipping. The first batch of subscriptions get colored vinyl and "If your hackneyed attempt is actually selected for a cover, you'll get a free subscription to the club."